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My biggest dream in life was to have a huge library in my house so I bought one. I love being sorrounded by books and always have one up to read. I am always reading something, always bringing some book with me. I have a passion for big books too so I kinda had shoulder problems until I found an E-reader ;)


A Different Blue - Amy Harmon

I read this book I think at least three times and every time it wakes something different inside my brain and my heart. 

This is a story of growth, a story about a girl that becomes a woman, a story about kindness, family and love. This is a story about life and how it is not always what we would like it to be but it shows us that we can make something amazing out of it nonetheless.

That's not an easy book to read, some parts are harder to go through than others but it is worth it, I promise;

at the end you will feel like you have been part of a journey and that you had the chance to grow together with the protagonists of this book. 

Blue, the main protagonist, is always a complete surprise to me, she makes brave and smart choices despite the first impression one can have of her.


My suggestion is do not let the hard parts of the book discourage you but keep reading this beautiful book, it will turn out to be one of the best stories you will read.