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My biggest dream in life was to have a huge library in my house so I bought one. I love being sorrounded by books and always have one up to read. I am always reading something, always bringing some book with me. I have a passion for big books too so I kinda had shoulder problems until I found an E-reader ;)

The sound of Silence

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

My God, this book. 

I laughed and I cried and I got to youtube to listen to the soundtrack, because yes, it has a soundtrack. At first I was so surprised: 

a book about music...with music in it!


The story is truly amazing, Colleen Hoover is able to get to your feelings with her stories but she had just the most incredible idea to put music to words. 

Now, I re-live the story of the protagonists over and over again everytime that I listen to the songs and it so beautiful I don't even know how to describe it. 


The personality of Ridge is so inspiring to me, he doesn't let anything put him down and goes through life with such a powerful heart and soul.

He is so talented that sometimes I got mad at fate because of him, it was just unfair but then I was so curious about his gift that I was stunned.


Please, do a favor to yourself and read this book. You will thank me later!