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My biggest dream in life was to have a huge library in my house so I bought one. I love being sorrounded by books and always have one up to read. I am always reading something, always bringing some book with me. I have a passion for big books too so I kinda had shoulder problems until I found an E-reader ;)

Scotts, Scotland and History: aren't these enough reasons to read it?

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

I discovered this book thanks to the tv show spot: a young woman was thrown back to 1700s Scotland because of this weird stones and I just thought "hey, that seems interesting".

Long story short: it became one of my favorites books. 

The book begins with Claire, the protagonist, who comes back to Scotland with her husband to rebound but while exploring the land she goes through a time travelling of some sort. 

At first, obviously, she is totally caught off guard by what happens to her but Claire is a very strong, independent and charismatic woman that isn't put off by a mere accident and faces the events with her head held high. She uses her knowledge and mind to survive this unexpeted adventure that happens to her.


Above everything else I liked particularly how Diana Gabaldon built the character of Claire: it is described as a person that I would like to meet in person. 

She is stubborn, of course, but she has this amazing personality, great sense of humor, a very smart person, open minded and well, easygoing. 


The other main character is Jamie, a ginger Scottsman with such a great personality who at first you just like but then, oh man, you will fell in love with him. I can assure you this: maybe you will not like the book but you WILL love Jamie. 



At first, one could think that a 1700s man has a different view of life from a 1900s woman but that is why I enjoyed so much the relationship between him and Claire: they are different but they are influenced by one another, he is open to learn from her and improve himlself and she is willing to learn from him and understand his reasons.


It should be noted how Diana Gabaldon writes about Scotland, it becomes one of the main characters of the book: its landscape, its culture, its history. 

The writer did an amazing job at researching and the book is full of true facts and Gaelic words. For me all of this meant a great curiosity towars this country and desire to visit it (Scotland's Office of Tourism should definitely hire Diana Gabaldon).


If you like history but more of that, if you like stories of love, adventure, hope and fate you should read this book and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. 


Thank you for reading :)